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News: Anti-Rape Campaign, Catholic Condoms and Sexist Conversion

Canada’s New Anti-Rape Campaign Let me just start off with, for however much we mock them, Canada does a lot right.  And here is the PERFECT example.  Canada has started an anti-rape ad campaign called “Don’t be that guy”.  You … Continue reading

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(extremely annoyed) Movie Review: Why the “Science of Sex Appeal” is far from scientific!

The other night I was surfing around netflix looking for something to watch when I ran across The Science of Sex Appeal. It seemed like the perfect fit.   It is the sort of documentary you see on the History … Continue reading

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Coach Beiste’s Tale and Why it is important

Glee is a huge thing at the moment, so I am sure you all have the most basic idea ofwhat it is.  That does not really matter, though, since I want to bring you attention to one particular part of … Continue reading

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Violence Against Women in Slasher Films

It is a pretty common belief that horror films, especially slasher films, sexualize violence against women and acts out judgment on certain behaviors, especially sexual behaviors.  For those unfamiliar with the idea, sexualizing violence is when a woman is killed … Continue reading

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PETA’s Nude Ads

In relation to my PETA post in the Veggie Slaughterer, I thought I would talk about my thoughts on the nude PETA adds.  If you have never seen, or heard of, these ads show a nude person, with strategically placed … Continue reading

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Introductory Post and Some Myths about Feminists Disputed

I have wanted to start a feminism and sexuality blog for a while.  My stumbling block is that I am not sure exactly what I want to do with it (hint: if you have any ideas let me know!).  Basically, … Continue reading

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