News: Anti-Rape Campaign, Catholic Condoms and Sexist Conversion

Canada’s New Anti-Rape Campaign

Let me just start off with, for however much we mock them, Canada does a lot right.  And here is the PERFECT example.  Canada has started an anti-rape ad campaign called “Don’t be that guy”.  You may not realize why this is such a big deal.  Most anti-rape campaigns are focused at the victims.  They say things like “Don’t go out late at night” or “Don’t drink without sober people you trust.”  While these may seem like good advice, the fact is that they are blaming the victim.  The victim put himself or herself in a situation that made them vulnerable. No mention of the fact that there has to be someone willing to take advantage.

Now Canada is finally working through it the right way.  They are targeting young men, ages 18-24, by putting ads up in bar bathrooms and transit advertising.  The ads say things like “Just because she isn’t saying no…doesn’t mean she’s saying yes” and “Just because she’s drunk doesn’t mean she wants to f***.”


The Pope’s Confusing Stance on Condoms

In an interview with a German journalist, the Pope said that in some cases condom use might be a responsible choice in order to reduce chances for infection.  This of course has confused everyone, as the churches stance on condoms in the past has not been lenient.  After this information was released, the Vatican spokesman commented saying that no pop has every said anything like this before, but it was “not a revolutionary turn.”  This has added to the confusion over the Pope’s statement.

Of course, AIDS and HIV workers, activists and affected countries are excited about the Pope’s new leniency. They are hoping that this will lead to a positive turn in AIDS prevention.


Conversion Over Female Bishops

Around 50 priests from the Church of England are considering converting to Catholicism.  Why?  Because they cannot accept women as bishops.  The Church of England has been ordaining women since 1994 and that caused a big fuss. The Catholic Church has set up an ordinariate so these priests can convert.

I really do not get this.  Clearly the differences between these religions are slight at most, if all it takes is a woman entering the works to set people on to conversion.  It just annoys me a lot, to say the least.  Women have proved they are capable and many of the Christian churches have proved their sexism at the same time.



About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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