Internet Objections

We’ve all been hearing a lot about how the internet, specifically social networking sites, are a powerful method of protest and awareness.  Or at least organizing them.  This might not hit as hard for some of you, since it can be difficult to imagine actually being in a situation like Egpyt is in right now.

I want to show you how Zach Weiner, creator of smbc-comics, used the internet to show his support for gay marriage rights.  He explains in his blog post what happened, so I’ll leave that for you to read.  But, as a teaser, it was pretty impressive trolling!  I just want you all to keep in mind that someone doesn’t have to miss use your creations for you to get creative.

Have any of you seen any interesting online antics for things like gay rights, a woman’s right to choose or anything else?  I’m interested to see what people have done.


About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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1 Response to Internet Objections

  1. Derrick says:

    You should research the G20 protests and “Officer Bubbles”, as well as the recently dubbed “hacktivism” led by the “group” known as Anonymous. Both are very interesting uses of the Internet as a form of protest.

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