Anti-Valentines Day

I’m working on a different v-day post, but that one’s direction is getting kind of muddled.  So, for now, I want to tell you about the anti-valentines day my friend and I had a couple of years ago.  It was great!

We were both single and pleasantly annoyed with v-day being rammed down our throats.  How many cellophane wrapped heart shaped boxes of chocolate containing heart shaped chocolates do I have to see?  So, we decided to have our own celebration.

This consisted of eating candy that had no v-day association.  I believe it consisted of twizzlers, milk duds, and some sour gummies.  Then we watched dystopia movies, where if there was a love plot it was just to show have much the world sucked .  It was awesome.  We enjoyed ourselves and didn’t even need to rage against romance.  I think it was the perfect way to celebrate v-day.

By ignoring it.


About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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3 Responses to Anti-Valentines Day

  1. Allison says:

    Those were some awesome movies… Go Equilibrium!

    I guess anti-valentines days are good for those people who feel like they don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

  2. ummm says:

    you do realize that by doing something particularly UN-vday, you’ve basically celebrated it… right? what the hell is wrong with making your friend your valentine?

    • Tori says:

      Nothing’s wrong with it, I just feel like being someone’s “Valentine” has a romantic bent that we weren’t going for. We were having fun with it and basically felt like celebrating that we were ok with being single. So yes, we did celebrate it, but not in the “traditional” sense. We made it our own, and therefore more meaningful.

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