Supreme Court Decision: Westboro’s Protests

Let me preface this post by acknowledging the fact that my opinion is going to be a bit controversial and a lot of you will disagree.  Let me also say that I despise the Westboro Church and what they stand for.  Their homophobia and disrespect for the men and women surviving in the military is disgusting and their protest methods are gross. 

The Supreme Court decided in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church, that they have the right to protest, specifically in regards to their protest at military funerals.  I have to admit that I do not disagree.  This agreement for when the protests are at the edge of the cemetaries and follow all the usual protest laws. 

The fact is that what they are doing is rude and in poor taste.  You can’t start outlawing things that offend you.  I hate to use the slippery slope arguement, but it is something to consider in a reasonable way (gay marriage leads to beastiality marriages is not a reasonable one. Reasonable might be to worry about outlawing PETA protests outside of certain locations.). 

The fact is they have the right to protest like any other group that goes through all the necessary legal channels.  However, I am moer than willing to listen to anyone who disagrees.  I more than want to be connvinced, since I find this group’s views repulsive and if they ever come around here I hopefully will join any counter protesters.


About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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1 Response to Supreme Court Decision: Westboro’s Protests

  1. Sita says:

    I saw the news stories about the case too. As much as I hate to admit it, by the laws of this country they have the right to act as they do. As long as they abide by protest laws (like staying a certain number of feet away from the event, etc.) then they do have the right to say whatever they want. I abhor people like them who are so close-minded and hateful, but that’s one of the prices we pay when everyone is entitled to freedom of speech. Even hateful speech is protected. Let’s just be thankful that these wackos are a minority and mostly limited to one (admittedly large) family.

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