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News: New Abortion Laws

Here‘s the article I’m referencing. In Oklahoma, they have passed the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”.  I had no idea what this meant until I read the description, which is that an abortion is illegal after 20 weeks unless it is … Continue reading

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(Straight) Lady Porn: Men Doing Tasks

Have you seen the joke “porn for women”?  Where men are doing chores or caring for babies?  I call b.s.!  I want to see a scantily clad man as much as any straight man wants to see a woman in … Continue reading

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George Sand

I posted my first vlog video today, so this is the corresponding blog post that expresses my opinions on the topic.  The reason I chose Sand as my topic was 1) a brief description of a persons life would be … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown and Planned Parenthood

Warning:  Minor cursing and a small rant   I have had a few people ask me what I think about the efforts to cut planned parenthood and its use as a pawn in the discussions and unfortunate negotiations to prevent … Continue reading

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Sex Education

None of you will be surprised that sex education is an important topic to me.  I believe that high school students, and possibly middle school students (since they have sex, too) are coddled.  Their parents, teachers, school systems and government … Continue reading

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