Sex Education

None of you will be surprised that sex education is an important topic to me.  I believe that high school students, and possibly middle school students (since they have sex, too) are coddled.  Their parents, teachers, school systems and government are squeamish and refuse to admit that learning about something doesn’t make you do it.  I, for example, have learned many gross things from Criminal Minds, but I don’t run around hacking up people.

Current sex education often makes sex into a dark or dangerous under world.  It turns anyone who is engaging in it into an idiot, a fool or a slut.  What sort of person would risk these diseases?  These consequences?  (I don’t know!  Maybe a member of a species designed to enjoy it?  Enjoy it a lot!)  The charts of STI percentages and the effectiveness of different barrier methods is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but too often that is all it is.  You get pictures of warts and rashes and births and all the other parasites you can pick up from a partner.  You never hear anything positive.  I don’t remember hearing anything about the health benefits of the hormones released.

Sex education needs to be comprehensive and cover the negatives, sure, but where are all the positives?!  This is when it gets tricky, I know.  You get accused of making school pornographic.  How do you address misconceptions like the “myth” of female orgasm or tell girls that they should be having fun too or tell either gender that maybe they should take a moment to question their sexuality?

How much of this is actually the school’s job?  Should the school explain female orgasm in a class?  Should they have pamphlets available?  Should they just recommend websites and books with more information?  I mean, in an ideal world, parents would just deal with this gradually as a child ages, but this world is far from that.

I am clearly for all cards on the table with high schoolers.  I think they can handle a full out sexual education class like the class I took in college.  They went through the basics of how you make a baby, addressed abusive relationships and went into female orgasm, fetishes and those “extra” topics.  An overview like that is just educational and informative.  No judgement on whether it is right or wrong.  Just stating that it exists.  Hell, I knew most of that stuff while I was in high school anyway!  The internet can be a sketchtastic place, after all.


About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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1 Response to Sex Education

  1. One of the complexities with this however is the rise of the LGBT community. How do we handle homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-gender/sex in sex education? Do we handle it at all? What about the religious families that feel this is inappropriate for their kids?

    I personally feel we really need to teach this, as it’s vital to understanding actual human sexuality (Kinsey scale anyone?) and helps to foster a safer environment for LGBT teens. That being said, I’m sure there’s several million people who disagree.

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