George Sand

I posted my first vlog video today, so this is the corresponding blog post that expresses my opinions on the topic.  The reason I chose Sand as my topic was 1) a brief description of a persons life would be easier than many topics I am interested in and 2) she’s a really interesting person.  I’m going to assume you’ve watched my video.  If you haven’t, it is easy enough to wiki Sand.

George Sand is an excellent example of how gender roles and expectations are fluid and based on cultural expectations, not biology.  She was a strong and independent woman who acted however she wished.  The ways she defied the role of upper class woman, have a job, wear pants and other men’s attire, are gone now, but in my mind that just proves how impressive she was.  This is an excellent example of how roles and rules are applied to genders rather arbitrarily and how they can change.  Imagine what will have been cast aside a century from now.

She also illustrates how powerful cultural norms and expectations are.  In order to be this assertive and masculine person she had to dress as a man.  She could not have done it dressed as a woman, and she didn’t when she was.  Even she followed the roles associated with the clothing.  When she wore dresses, which she did do on occasion, she acted more like a proper french upper-class woman.   I am not sure why she did it this way, but to me it proves how arbitrary these roles are.  Clearly, one individual can fill the social roles of both a man and a woman with success no matter their sex.  So why care which sex an individual is in relation to the gender they exhibit?  And what roles and actions are you taking up that don’t fit you?


About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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