Review: The Real Tooth Fairy

The Real Tooth Fairies Site

A few weeks ago on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, they had a story about a website and matching toys called the Real Tooth Fairy.  Their description piqued my interest, since they described it as basically over-sexualizing the tooth fairy then selling it to young girls.  I decided to go check it out.  I am writing much of this post as I go through the process of meeting my real tooth fairy.

The website starts out with just a blinding amount of color.  Pink is just everywhere.  It is astounding.  It also has some of the most annoying music I have ever heard.  To be fair, it is currently playing on loop while I type this post.  (I just found the button to turn it off.  It was very obviously placed.  Good for them).

After going to the home page, you get to make your “ME DOLL.”  It is all fine, I suppose.  The clothes seem pretty normal.  The issue start on the last stage, skin color.  They have four tones, very light tan to what looks like a dark tan, but is probably meant to cover Black.  Seems like they should have at least one more skin tone for the young girls with darker skin.  They have a couple of hair styles that will probably cover the race issue, but the skin tones fall far short.

Ok, I made my ME DOLL and I signed up.  It is time for the quiz!  I picked the least pink present I could see.  It was a rather lovely blue and purple.  They ask for a favorite activity, and have a nice variety (video games, dance, drawing/design, shopping, sports, gymnastics).  I picked video games, since reading was strangely not an option.  Then the question of the “favorite furry.”  Which for some readers, will sound a lot creepier than it is meant.  They are all pretty cute, to be honest.  Super, ridiculously “girly”, but I will admit they are adorable.  I am a bit stuck between the rainbow rabbit, and the blinged out mouse.  I think I’ll go with mouse (Toofie).  Then they just have you pick a fairy!  That doesn’t even make sense, but I am a 24-year-old woman, and clearly not their target demographic.

All the fairies kind of creeped me out, since they have a weird stepford-wife/super-model vibe going.  They all have a little bio, though.  They did have a nod to Hispanic/Latina girls, with one fairy saying “Hola” at the beginning of her bio.  I went with Triana, because she was the vet and creeped me out the least.  And I got some sparkle dollars!!!!  Everything is so damn pastel.  It isn’t even all that pink.  It just seems to overwhelm the other colors.

My first thought is that it is solely focused on girls.  Most of the time when I have seen toys meant for girls, they leave it open for boys.  They just flat out call the person playing a girl.  It appears that you might be able to interact with other people.  I will not be attempting to do that, because that is creepy.

O.K., that satisfied my curiosity for now.  There is a lot of stuff that weirds me out, but that is probably more about my personal preferences.  The way the fairies dress does not really seem to be a problem.  It is very similar to the way Disney Princesses often dress.  The main two issues I see are the skin tone issue, which is very common in toys, and the gender segregation.  They are coming out with a boy version, something to do with time traveling elves.

It is just such a stereotypically girly-girl type of thing.  It even has the new girl-power changes.  In the end, it does not seem as bad as I thought it would be.  If anyone wants to know what the actual game-play is like, I will do that.  As it stand now, though, the pink is melting my brain.


About Tori

I am a graduate student working on my masters in Women and Gender studies. My masters thesis is on the gender nonconformity and ambiguity in modern film.
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