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A “Supernatural” Theory

I am obsessed with Supernatural.  I jumped on the ship about a decade late, but I think I am all the more thoroughly obsessed due to the month-or-so-long binge and I have a theory.  Well, it is more of a … Continue reading

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Paddington (2014): A Bear Humanizing Immigration and Dehumanizing Taxidermy

I saw Paddington, and it was adorable.  All of the characters were a lot of fun and followed the classic characterization method of children’s books.  They each had their two or three major characteristics and follows through on them beautifully.  … Continue reading

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Agent Carter Review

**Spoiler Alert** Marvel’s Agent Carter debuted last week and rocked it. I already loved this character from the first Captain America movie. She always had the potential to be a great character if allowed to stand on her own outside … Continue reading

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