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A “Supernatural” Theory

I am obsessed with Supernatural.  I jumped on the ship about a decade late, but I think I am all the more thoroughly obsessed due to the month-or-so-long binge and I have a theory.  Well, it is more of a … Continue reading

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Are People Monsters?

I had an interesting conversation at work yesterday.  On our twice-daily walks, my friend and I discussed whether or not most people are terrible people and how inherent that is. A bit of a deeper conversation than we normally have, … Continue reading

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Review: Gotham Central, Book 1

Gotham Central, Book 1 is written by Ed Brubacker and Greg Rucka, and illustrated by Michel Lark, published in 2011 by DC Comics (I am making a concerted effort to become more familiar with creators’ names). As you may have … Continue reading

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Comic Review: The Start of Superior Spider-Man and Implications of Body-Swaps

If you do not read Amazing or Superior Spider-Man comics, then you are likely unaware of Peter Parker’s death and his body’s continuation. Here is a quick summary!  Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock) was dying and he switched bodies with Parker. … Continue reading

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My Discomfort with Museums and Zoos

My discomforts with zoos and museums are closely related. The cognitive dissonance between my academic curiosity, my desire to see every aspect of the world I can, and my activist/feminist/anthropological desire not to take bits and pieces of people’s cultures … Continue reading

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Breast Augmentation for Health

This news article describes Miss District of Columbia from this year’s Miss America pageant’s decision to have a double mastectomy after she serves her year as Miss District of Columbia (the article was written before the pageant this past weekend). … Continue reading

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Review: Witchcraze by Anne L. Barstow

As the name, and the cover of the book clearly indicate, this book is about the witch hunts throughout Europe with some mention of those in America. Barstow discusses the past research done on the witch hunts and how it … Continue reading

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