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Lost in Comics: Wolverine’s Healing Factor

Comics are confusing.  The big two (DC and Marvel) are probably the main two examples of this problem.  Although, Zenescope’s Grimm Universe is getting there, too.  Either way, it can get really easy to get lost in comic continuity.  There … Continue reading

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Review: Gotham Central, Book 1

Gotham Central, Book 1 is written by Ed Brubacker and Greg Rucka, and illustrated by Michel Lark, published in 2011 by DC Comics (I am making a concerted effort to become more familiar with creators’ names). As you may have … Continue reading

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All Female X-Men

My dad recently sent me this article about the newest X-men series.  The restart of numbering for X-Men.  This team is the first all female x-men team or any Marvel team in an ongoing series.  There have been all female … Continue reading

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Review: Scary Godmother: Comic Book Stories by Jill Thompson

This is not a super feminist work, but I don’t always want to review those!  With that goal in mind, I want to share “Scary Godmother” by Jill Thompson with you.  I have recently been trying out comic books and … Continue reading

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