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Paddington (2014): A Bear Humanizing Immigration and Dehumanizing Taxidermy

I saw Paddington, and it was adorable.  All of the characters were a lot of fun and followed the classic characterization method of children’s books.  They each had their two or three major characteristics and follows through on them beautifully.  … Continue reading

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Review: The Real Tooth Fairy

A few weeks ago on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, they had a story about a website and matching toys called the Real Tooth Fairy.  Their description piqued my interest, since they described it as basically over-sexualizing the tooth fairy … Continue reading

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Review: Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey

Note: I get a bit wordy here.  This is, I think, my first review for this series and I have a lot to say.  If all you are interested in is the feminist thoughts on this book go to the … Continue reading

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Review: Scary Godmother: Comic Book Stories by Jill Thompson

This is not a super feminist work, but I don’t always want to review those!  With that goal in mind, I want to share “Scary Godmother” by Jill Thompson with you.  I have recently been trying out comic books and … Continue reading

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Review: Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses is about three guys who enjoy their jobs, except for their monstrous employers.  They decide to kill them in full on “Strangers on a Train” style.  They get into some very funny situations and do some weird, and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mercenaries by Angela Knight

Let me start off with saying that Mercenaries is just pure sexy!  It is three novellas in a space faring world where mercenaries have nano implants that make them stronger, faster and smarter.  Within the first 50 pages there is … Continue reading

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(extremely annoyed) Movie Review: Why the “Science of Sex Appeal” is far from scientific!

The other night I was surfing around netflix looking for something to watch when I ran across The Science of Sex Appeal. It seemed like the perfect fit.   It is the sort of documentary you see on the History … Continue reading

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