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News/Opinion: ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

In Tennessee, there is a bill being put through their legislature that would prevent teachers from mentioning any sexuality other than heterosexuality before ninth grade.  It is an effort to enforce an age appropriate curriculum. This is pure ridiculousness.  The … Continue reading

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One Wheaton had this on their “What we missed” post a little while ago and it literally made me tear up when I read it.  The OneWheaton letter to the LGBTQ community and allies at the school.  I do not know … Continue reading

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Klondike, WHY?

Klondike’s commercial, seen below, is sooooo ridiculous.  Why is it so hard to listen to your wife talk about paint.  Not just listen to her, but only for 5 seconds.  The man looks like he is physical pain.  What makes … Continue reading

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