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Review: The Enemy Within: A Short History of Witch-Hunting

I just finished reading The Enemy Within: a Short History of Witch-Hunting by John Demos.  It takes you through literal witch hunts starting as early as 150 A.D.  Of course it gets a bit heavier in detail during the big European … Continue reading

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Sex Workers are People

  In regards to the porn star Anthony Weiner was involved with, someone told me that she said, “All I wanted was to talk about politics.”*  They laughed and basically said “What does she expect?!  She’s a porn star.” You … Continue reading

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Review: A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis

A Mind of Its Own, by David Friedman, traces the history of how western culture has viewed the penis.  It starts with the witch hunts and ancient Greece and Rome and follows through until the modern era.  The book goes … Continue reading

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Question: Pink vs. Blue

I learned from the vlog brothers that it is Hitler’s fault that pink is now for girls.  Boys used to be pink and girls blue, but Hitler used pink triangles to identify homosexual people and then pink became a feminine … Continue reading

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Freud and Penises: Why Psychology and Anthropology Need to Hang Out

I am currently reading A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penisby Daivd M. Friedman and have just reached the section where they talk about Freud.  I will be writing a review of it once I finish … Continue reading

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My Return and Gendered Clothes

Note:  The first two paragraphs are more personal stuff; the gendered clothes starts after that.  Feel free to skip the personal stuff! Hello!  I know it has been forever and you may or may not have missed my posts.  I … Continue reading

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