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Question: Do we need to add -ess?

I was thinking the other day about how we add -ess to many profession words to indicate it is a woman: waitress*, actress, stewardess.  I think I have even heard authoress.  There are some jobs, though, that do not get … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mercenaries by Angela Knight

Let me start off with saying that Mercenaries is just pure sexy!  It is three novellas in a space faring world where mercenaries have nano implants that make them stronger, faster and smarter.  Within the first 50 pages there is … Continue reading

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Married vs. Maiden Names

The issue of the newly wed name change* is one of those popular is a rather simple feminist issues.  I believe it is important, though, since it represents the core of what I consider feminism to be about: choice.  That … Continue reading

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“That’s Not Cool”: Education About Cyber Abuse

  I am not sure on the terms for this, maybe cyber abuse, but it is an import inssue.  Especially for teenagers , who are more often than not attached, almost literally, to their technology. There’s a site I ran across … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Decision: Westboro’s Protests

Let me preface this post by acknowledging the fact that my opinion is going to be a bit controversial and a lot of you will disagree.  Let me also say that I despise the Westboro Church and what they stand for.  … Continue reading

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Family Guy on Transgender Issues

Family Guy had an episode, season 8 episode 18, where you finally met Quagmire’s dad. I know this was a few months old, but I just unsubscribed to Family Guy on hulu, so it was brought back to my attention.* … Continue reading

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